Welcome to Complete Contouring Academy’s Support Page!

Since Complete Contouring Academy is still new, we will be adding to this page as new support requests come in!



“I thought I saved my download of Complete Contouring Academy, but now I can’t find it. How do I gain access to my content again?”
No problem! Just visit your membership hub HERE, and enter your login details from registration. If you don’t remember your login details, follow the forgot password link, and it will walk you through the process!

“Is this an in-person course or online?”
This is an online course, with scheduled daily emails of course materials. The entire program can be accessed and downloaded instantly, or you can proceed as the course was designed, over five days!

“When is this class?”
This is an online program, so the class is available 24/7! You can access it instantly, even if it's 3 am!

“What if I can't start right away?”
The only part of the program that is scheduled are the daily emails. So, you can just save those, or you could even shoot us a quick email to start your emails over again when you're ready! You have Academy access for life, so it's entirely self-paced!

“Can I download the videos?”
All videos and course materials are downloadable, and are ALSO stored in your online hub for life! So you can easily access from any device!

“I am having trouble completing checkout on my phone!”
Our checkout system can be sensitive on cell phones, but tablets and computers are working just fine!

“How much is this class?”
The course is $497, but at this time we have it priced at $197!

“Are different solutions required?”
Nope! In fact, we encourage using the same solution for both base tans AND contours to keep consistent undertones!

“Does this course come with certification?”
Since there is no way to verify that someone has fully attended the program from start to finish, distributing certificates would risk us unfairly vouching for artists who are simply unqualified. Please see Katie’s Certification Courses to become certified. However, we do include a website education badge at the end of the CCA program.

“Have the models in the program already been spray tanned?”
Nope! We left them untanned to best demonstrate the contouring application!

“Should you do the base tan first, and then apply contours second?”
Yes! Spray tans naturally lean out your client, which will make your contouring work easier! Plus, applying contours over a base tan will prevent you from "filling in" your contour work by accident! Once you're trained to apply even spray tans, it's hard to stop yourself! 🙂

“What equipment is required to do contouring?”
We have listed all equipment used by Katie HERE, but the most important tools are the compressor, air hose, and airbrush!

If you still have unanswered questions, please feel free to email us at info@konatans.com, and we will be happy to assist you!