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LESSON 4: How To Transform Your Tanning In Just 5 Days


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FLASH SALE: Registration Open!

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Normally $497

Register NOW for
Just 1 Payment of $197
OR 2 Payments of $107

Complete Contouring Academy Includes...


5 Days of Airbrush Contouring Virtual Training Videos & Practice Guides for FOUR Different Body Types

Through concise, get-to-the-point videos, you will get the EXACT steps to take, in the right order, to elevate your contouring skills AND the future of your career...

Each day's course covers instant body type identification, next-level body type contours, and functional application training so you can relax and feel confident as the application comes naturally.

In this 5 day training course you will learn:

  • Day #1: Defined Contouring – How to correctly apply contours, how to apply universal contours safe for all body types, where we should be seeing peaks and valleys, and how to build proportional balance to achieve the overall shape we want.
  • Day #2: Fitness Model Client Contouring – How to properly contour this extremely detailed body type…and know when to STOP
  • Day #3: Athletic Client Contouring – Creating proportional balance with a body type that mixes fit contours, minimization techniques, and curve enhancements
  • Day #4: Everyday Client Contouring – The fundamentals you need to know for your most common client’s body type
  • Day #5: Curvy Client Contouring – Understanding how to transform a client with curves without making her appear too muscular, and without losing the beauty of an hourglass shape

Step-by-step Instruction, Detailed Explanations,
& 4 Different Body Type Lessons to change your tanning career FOREVER


You'll get everything you need to FOREVER raise the value of your spray tans. From universal contours, to body type tutorials, to follow-along detailing, just start applying these tools & resources to see results today.  

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FLASH SALE: Registration Open!

ACT NOW to Get This HUGE Discount Before Time Runs Out

Normally $497

Register NOW for
Just 1 Payment of $197
OR 2 Payments of $107

Katie Quinn's Complete Contouring Academy for Spray Tanners


Meet Katie Quinn

Katie Quinn - creator of Complete Contouring Academy - is a 3-Time Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Bronzer, Professional Body Makeup Artist, and Founder of Kona Tanning Company. For years, Katie has helped beauty professionals across the globe reach their career goals by SIMPLIFYING spray tanning and contouring!

Through her clever and detailed take on airbrush spray tanning, Katie has attracted features from magazines like VOGUE, Cosmopolitan, Lucky, Harper’s Bazaar & Women’s Health.

Katie has worked with Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Miranda Kerr, and Behati Prinsloo, and maintains the daily glows of an impressive private celebrity clientele.

Katie has her own original product line with Kona Tanning Company, has written three books on mastering spray tanning and contouring, and launched her first spray tan training DVD in 2017.